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  • Our business philosophy

    Keep pace with the times

    • Stick to the truth ?

      It really promotes everyone's management and respect for themselves, so that these management and respect can be universally and effectively recognized and observed

    • Pursuit of reality

      Self discipline and self-reliance, punctuality and faithfulness, not self abandonment, not willing to degenerate, always keep the bottom line

    • Realize reality

      Simultaneous and concentric. Active communication can improve the customer relationship, which is a kind of benign relationship of mutual understanding, mutual trust, mutual dependence, mutual promotion, mutual completion, mutual tolerance and mutual respect

    • Practical reality

      Learning is overcoming weakness, standing and kneeling. To be image, efficiency and feedback will definitely bring harmony and prosperity!




    Guangzhou kangcai medical supplies Co., Ltd

    Guangzhou kangcai medical supplies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as kangcai) was founded in 1999. Its predecessor is the Institute of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine of Guangzhou Military Region, which was founded in 1978. It specializes in the research of external preparations for skin diseases for the field army of Guangzhou Military Region. In 2000, it became a private high-tech enterprise. It has been based on high-tech medical and health products and functional functions with real efficacy for many years Development and expansion of cosmetics.



    Guangzhou kangcai medical supplies Co., Ltd

    Contact: Miss Zhong

    Investment hotline: 020-34054234

    Tel: 020-34050897

    Email: kcyzw@gzkcyj.com

    Website: www.ssygou.com

    Address: room 1501, No. 11, Yiying street, Xingang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

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